‘Up’ is Dying Girl’s Final Wish

This just touches my heart: the OC Register claims that a little girl named Colby Curtin had vascular cancer and was on her deathbed, so that meant that little 10 year-old Colby wouldn't be here anymore when Disney·Pixar's Up finally flew into theaters. She was a mega-fan of Pixar and had been waiting for the movie since she witnessed the trailer. After a while she got so sick that there was no possible way that she could make it to the movie theater to see Up, so a family friend called Pixar and a representative came out to the hospital with a DVD of…Up. And Colby loved it!

She passed away seven hours later.

It just goes to show that sometimes miracles can happen, no matter how small. Here were her own words to her mom: "I'm ready (to die), but I'm going to wait for the movie."

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