America Weds ‘The Proposal’-Box Office Results: June 19-21

People swarmed to theaters this Father's Day weekend to see The Proposal, the latest romantic-comedy from Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, grossing an estimated $34.1 million. In second place was the surprise smash The Hangover, which was knocked off the top spot after two weekends, raking in $26.9 million. So far, the R-rated raunchfest by Old School director Todd Phillips has grossed an estimated $152.9 million, more than Knocked Up, American Pie and There's Something about Mary. However similar Wedding Crashers totaled about $209.3 million in its run at the box office. The Hangover just might beat out its predecessors when it finally leaves theaters.

Behind The Hangover is Up, Disney∙Pixar's new movie, with $21.3 million. So far the animated tale has made an estimated $224.1 million, the second highest-grossing picture of the year behind Star Trek ($239.4 million). Year One starring Jack Black and Michael Cera debuted in fourth place with $20.2 million. Looks like the bad reviews from critics took a toll on Ghostbusters director Harold Ramis' flick. Rounding out the top five was The Taking of Pelham 123 with about $11.3 million.

Another movie opening this weekend Whatever Works, the latest from writer/director Woody Allen and starring Larry David, got $281,000 at only 9 theaters, coming in at #17. IFC's Dead Snow only made about $6,000.

Here are the weekend results according to studio estimates Sunday-

  1. The Proposal…$34.1 million
  2. The Hangover…$26.9 million
  3. Up…$21.3 million
  4. Year One…$20.2 million
  5. The Taking of Pelham 123…$11.3 million
  6. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian…$7.3 million
  7. Star Trek…$4.7 million
  8. Land of the Lost…$4 million
  9. Imagine That…$3.1 million
  10. Terminator Salvation…$3.07 million

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  1. Anonymous June 21, 2009 at 7:41 PM

    every time Bullock and Reynolds were close to each other in the Proposal i got the feeling that she looks/acts too old to be his fiance/girlfriend