‘Final Destination’ New Trailer

Ahh, Final Destination. New Line Cinema isn't going to leave a classic, crappy horror series be; a fourth is made and out in theaters this summer.

The Final Destination is pretty much about the same thing every Destination movie is about: teens who escape death. Except this one takes place first at a race track and it's in 3D. I was wrong: now the 3D craze is here! The plot sucks, the movie looks pretty bad, but I'm a sucker for these teen slasher movies that are so bad they're funny and since it's shown in digital 3D this time, it'll be a pretty sweet thing for my friends and I to stare at for 90 minutes.

Basically the second mainstream horror movie to be shown in 3D this year (My Bloody Valentine was the first in January and that rocked), The Final Destination opens in theaters August 14th. See it and we can love/hate it together!

Check out the trailer below thanks to MySpace.

The Final Destination trailer in HD

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