Hilarious New Promo for ‘Funny People’

I don't really blog on promos for a movie, but this one recently came to my attention (thanks CinemaBlend!). In Funny People, as you may see somewhere in the ads, posters, promos, blah blah blah, Adam Sandler's head is on a baby. I was wondering "what does that have to do with a dying comedian?" and I think that the baby must be a flashback of Sandler's character's childhood. FunnyOrDie.com, which is the website created by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell (Talladega Nights, Step Brothers) that hosts comedic videoswhere you have a choice of clicking either "funny" or "die" as to what your immediate reaction to the video is, has posted an exclusive promo for Judd Apatow's Funny People, out July 31st,since Apatow produces McKay's flicks. In it we see Sandler as a man who was transformed into a baby thanks to a wizard in a cave and Justin Long (someone who I hope has a cameo in the upcoming raunchy comedy) as his son. That blow your mind? Check it out; just don't think about it too much.

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