Miley + Greg Kinnear = Magic?

What's funny is that in the title I didn't even have to say "Cyrus", you knew exactly the Miley I was referring too! Well if you know who I was talking about then you must be an avid Hannah follower, whether it's her Twitter page, her YouTube videos or the blog I'm sure she must have somewhere, you saw that she was recently caught kissing a guy who wasn't Nick Jonas or her model ex Justin Gaston: it was Liam Hemsworth. The lip-lock wasn't spontaneous, either; it was for her upcoming movie The Last Song, author Nicholas Spark's screenwriting debut. That got sparked some more talk for her first film without her alternate personality Hannah Montana. So I recently found on The Hollywood Reporter (via CinemaBlend) that Kelly Preston (What a Girl Wants, Death Sentence) will be Cyrus' mom and Greg Kinnear will be her divorced dad.

The Last Song is about a troublemaking youth who allocates time with her father during the summer and discovers that they both share a love for music. I like a lot of Greg Kinnear's Oscar-worthy stuff, but the other trash he does I just don't love him in (yes, I'm talking to you Baby Mama). The Last Song looks good; I have no problem with Miley Cyrus. The movie hits theaters January 8th, 2010.

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