Kevin Smith Moves Other Projects Aside for Hockey Movie

Kevin Smith, if you're unaware, is the genius behind Clerks and, don't care what anyone else says, Zach and Miri Make a Porno. Yes I did use the full title, you P.C dorks. Smith is currently filming A Couple of Dicks with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, announced production of a horror called Red State and an adventure/sci-fi that's yet-to-be titled. But apparently Silent Bob enjoys playing hockey when he's not doing blockbuster; last weekend he got his View Askew crew (lol) together for a charity tournament. Now I guess that sparked an idea for another movie.

Finish the movie you're on before making another one! We get it, you're a genius and think of monster hits but focus on one single project before moving on to yet another. The movie, he says in an exclusive interview with MTV, is based on a Warren Zevon song called "Hit Somebody" (no relation to Kings of Leons' "Use Somebody"). Really, where do you hear these songs? I always wonder that; like who first heard the Dave Matthews Band or the Beatles and decided that they were gods? In knowing all of this, you'd expect his flick to be a comedy like 1977's classic Slap Shot, right…Well you, my friend, are wrong. It's a drama. A hockey drama. From Kevin Smith. No joke.

What'd really be funny (and a lot of you will disagree strongly with me) would be if it was a comedy and it starred Kevin James as the lead. Another Paul Blart: Mall Cop, but this time it could be PG-13 'cause it'd be crude with violence! Now that'd I go see. This…who the hell am I kidding, I see everything. Smith wants to get the project filming around '10 or '11. These next two years must be kick-ass; lots of crap coming out.

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