‘Pursuit of Happyness’ Writer Goes on to ‘Karate Kid’ Remake

Before you guys say it, I will: I'm dumb. Last night I literally just saw The Pursuit of Happyness. Yeah, I know, ha ha. I'm not sure why I never saw it when it opened holiday 2006. Guess I trusted Eragon to be good…But boy, was that an awesome movie! I've loved Will Smith since Fresh Prince because every movie he's in, to me, is Oscar-worthy (except for the Men in Black movies). His son Jaden Smith was excellent as well. You'd think another movie by screenwriter Steven Conrad would be cool (he also wrote The Weather Man, which I adored), but The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Biz Blog says that the 41 year-old Florida native has confirmed that he will do the script for the Karate Kid remake even though prep for the movie begins next month. I didn't even like the original Karate Kid, it was just plain bad. Maybe I'm just being hypocritical, saying that I like remakes but not-wait a minute, this isn't even a horror remake!

In addition, Columbia Pictures, who I guess is the company providing this too-stupid-to-be-true flick, said that Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Tyler Perry's upcoming I Can Do Bad All by Myself) will be the mom of Jaden Smith's character and Jackie Chan will be his kung-fu mentor. Oh, picking Chan, real original and not stereotypical at all. And instead of The Karate Kid, the movie will be called The Kung- Fu Kid. Is this a joke? Like a late April Fool?

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