Sony Pictures Throws Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Moneyball’ in the Trash

I recently became a fan of Steven Soderbergh after seeing The Girlfriend Experience and I was looking forward to seeing his next movie (maybe even going all the way as to hoping that he'll join the crew of big directors for the upcoming Heavy Metal movie). So he was supposed to have a movie called Moneyball, based on the novel by Michael Lewis about how Billy Beane, the Oakland A's player turned general manager found how to field rival teams for less cash. Beane was supposed to be played by Brad Pitt.

Last Friday, June 19th, Columbia Pictures line producer Amy Pascal put the movie into "limited turnaround", giving Soderbergh the option to sell it to another film studio. The main two, Warner bros. and Paramount. According to Variety, without a studio set by tomorrow June 22nd, Columbia will think the whole project over again, kicking Soderbergh off the set and risking Pitt dropping out as well. Who are you going to hire, some no-name director and turn this into some feel-good box office crap-out? Confucius says this may suck.

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