‘Avatar’ Screened in Amsterdam, People Are Rocked

The lucky movie company bastards over in Amsterdam were screened a whole 24 minutes of probably the most hyped-up movie of the year, James Cameron's Avatar. Here are some of the first reactions:

Market Saw: "This movie will change the industry,"

The Hollywood Reporter: "From the sustained applause at the conclusion of the presentation, suffice to say Fox didn't hurt itself at the event."

Coming Soon: "It's the third scene where my heart begins to pound like crazy…I thought--just like you guys--that I've seen it all with Gollum, or The Hulk, but Cameron has done it again." (More reactions available on their website, although there are some spoilers)

Fellow bloggers Market Saw posted some pictures of the Avatar after-party. I've posted them below, and you too can get rocked December 18th, when what sounds like Cameron's masterpiece is finally released.

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