New ‘Zombieland’ Trailer

Whoa. For a movie so stupid, this looks so great! The new trailer for Zombieland (the movie that Woody Harrelson blamed when he punched those people 'cause he thought that they were zombies) is out, and it fucking rocks. Along with Harrelson, the movie also stars Jesse Eisenberg (Adventureland, The Squid and the Whale), Bill Murray, Abigail Breslin, Emma Stone (Superbad, The House Bunny) and Amber Heard (Pineapple Express, The Informers). The plot is self-explanatory: two guys (Eisenberg and Harrelson) fight the undead after Earth is taken over by their kind. Director Ruben Fleischer is an odd choice for a horror/comedy, since he's best known for directing three episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and a producer on Fantasy Factory for a short while…that's kind of sad. Rhett Reese has some more experience as a major movie writer; he's done a little bit of material for Monsters Inc., Clifford's Really Big Movie and (maybe a bit more promising) Cruel Intentions 3. Other screenwriter Paul Wernick was a producer on Big Brother and remains one on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! Uh-oh.

Oh well, you got to start somewhere, right? And Zombieland still looks pretty sweet, but could it be as good as previous spoof horror Drag Me to Hell? It comes out October 9th, the trailer from CinemaBlend is below. You're welcome!

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