New Trailer for Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Love Happens’

Jennifer Aniston doing yet another romantic comedy, this time with Aaron Eckhart (who I'll always see as Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight). Love Happens is about a man who's lost his wife (Eckhart) and handles it by becoming a self-help guide. He goes to Seattle and meets Aniston who comes to one of his lectures but soon discovers that he cannot move past his deceased wife. The movie is television writer and assistant Brandon Camp's directorial debut; he writes the screenplay along with Mike Thompson. Martin Sheen, Dan Folger, Sasha Alexander and Judy Greer also star. In the trailer, Aniston looks gorgeous as usual while the Goo Goo Dolls' "Better Days" plays. 'Nuff said.

Check out the trailer below from E!Online, it's due out in theaters September 18th.

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