‘Enchanted’ Director is doing ‘Frank’

I never saw Enchanted, the 2007 Disney comedy starring Amy Adams, but I guess I really should in order to keep up. The director, Kevin Lima is teaming up with the director of Over the Hedge or, more recently Imagine That Karey Kirkpatrick to do a romantic comedy called Frank for Fox 2000. Adds Variety, the main character is a med student geek who builds a friend since she has none. It'll probably be a girl-power sort of flick since the med student is indeed a woman. That sounds mighty depressing if you ask me, but studio Fox 2000 has done Marley and Me, Flicka and A Good Year among others, all kind of sad.

I'm still hoping that Kirkpatrick can come through with something decent since I wildly enjoyed Over the Hedge (and I haven't yet seen Imagine That). I should check out Enchanted since this move should be pretty good, for a family comedy anyway.

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