America’s Drunk and Floating-Box Office Results: June 5-7

These results are unofficial, some sources say Up was #1 again, other say that The Hangover beat it by a hair. I'm going to go with CinemaBlend this time, considering the site's reliability and my previous using it.

If you went to the movies this past weekend, you either went with the guys or your family. If you went with the dudes, you saw The Hangover, which despite the 'R' rating, grossed more than expected. If you went with the family, you saw Up, Disney/Pixar's latest smash.

The Hangover got outstanding reviews (according to RottenTomatoes, 77% of critics recommended it), and that showed this weekend, making a killing of an estimated $45 million.

Up was chief at the box office last weekend, making $68.1 million, the third-highest opening for a Pixar movie ever. This time it still managed to remain #2, by only a million bucks more to The Hangover, with an estimated $44.3 million.

In third was Universal Pictures' Land of the Lost, which was expected take the spot of The Hangover. It grossed a disappointing $19.5 million, far less than previous TV show movie adaptation Get Smart's $38.7 million (and that came in first).

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian fell 39.8% to $14.7 million. Behind was Star Trek, falling a minor 33.4% to $8.4 million. J.J Abrams' flick now has a total of an estimated $222.8 million in 31 days.

Another movie opening this weekend, My Life in Ruins, debuted in ninth place with $3.2 million. Away We Go started off with $143,000.

Here are the weekend results according to studio estimates Sunday-

  1. The Hangover…$45 million
  2. Up…$44.3 million
  3. Land of the Lost…$19.5 million
  4. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian…$14.7 million
  5. Star Trek…$8.4 million
  6. Terminator Salvation…$8.2 million
  7. Drag Me to Hell…$7.3 million
  8. Angels and Demons…$6.5 million
  9. My Life in Ruins…$3.2 million
  10. Dance Flick…$2 million

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