New Stan Lee Cameo in ‘Iron Man 2’

I love this guy. He has to be the greatest comic book creator ever. So, in a way, to thank Lee for being the "father of Marvel", he's landed cameos in the first X-Men movie as a guy on the beach, in the original Spider-Man when he saved a little girl from being hit by a piece of the Green Goblin's exploding building, in Daredevil as a man reading the paper whom the man without fear stops from being hit by a bus, in Hulk talking to a cop Lou Ferrigno, in Spider-Man 2 yet again saving a woman from falling stone, in Fantastic Four as Reed Richard's (the stretchy guy) mailman, X-Men: The Last Stand as a surprised man whose watering his lawn when the liquid is levitated, in Spider-Man 3 talking to Peter Parker in Times Square, in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer as himself trying to get into Jessica Alba's wedding, in Iron Man as Hugh Hefner (probably his most comical role), in The Incredible Hulk drinking the brand of soda that a drop of Bruce Banner's blood has gotten into and (whoo!) now he'll be Larry King in the upcoming Iron Man 2, according to Collider.

He apparently filmed the role earlier this week as King harassing Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr., aka "Iron Man") for an interview on his live program. He also may be in two scenes with Stark actually appearing on Larry King Live talking about his new black Iron Man suit. The part is pretty unnecessary; Jon Favreau could've easily paid the real Larry King to appear in the movie, but it is always cool to see Lee in various cameos in the Marvel superhero flicks. It also shows that Marvel is staying true to what made their movies famous in the first place: the comic books. Live long and prosper, Stan Lee!

The highly-anticipated Iron Man 2 finally comes to theaters May 7th, 2010. A summer superhero movie is what we all need right now.