Anne Hathaway Meets Spider-Man in ‘Suckerpunch’

She was "live from New York" on a minor instrumental role on the season finale of Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago and on Jimmy Fallon last night, June 1st. She was credited main roles in a variety of movies from Rachel Getting Married to Bride Wars. And now, apparently, she will star alongside Tobey Maguire in Gary Ross' Tokyo Suckerpunch.

Hathaway will portray the editor of Maguire's graphic novel. Ed Solomon, the writer of Suckerpunch (and June 12th's Imagine That with Eddie Murphy) is before all else to mention Hathaway's starring in the film, out 2011. This sounds great! I've loved Anne Hathaway since The Princess Diaries and this movie gives Maguire a chance to break out; his last movie without the red-and-blue spandex was the oddball The Good German, but his only real mainstream film was 2003's Seabiscuit. Gary Ross is questionable, however. This is supposed to be an action flick, yet his works include The Tale of Despereaux and Big. It's no surprise that he's working with Tobey though, since he was a producer of Pleasantville and Seabiscuit.

Back to her Get Smart roots, Anne Hathaway is always great in whatever film reel her gorgeous face graces.