John Stamos Wants a ‘Full House’ Flick

I was watching The Nanny on Nick at Nite when I read this on CinemaBlend: "John Stamos has…been thinking about a Full House movie." I then spit out my coffee and started to question all that is Hollywood blockbuster.

According to the New York Daily News, Uncle Jesse himself has been thinking about making a movie based on the classic 90's sitcom about a struggling family. He also said that he sees "Steve Carell as Danny Tanner (originally played by Bob Saget on the show) and Tracy Morgan as Joey Gladstone (originally Dave Coulier) because he's funny." Stamos wants James Franco, most recently in the Oscar-winning Milk, to play his character, Jesse Katsopolis.

The Brady Bunch, Get Smart, and more recently Land of the Lost have all been made into major movies. But Full House. They can't do that, we'll always see Saget as Danny, Coulier as Joey, Stamos as Jesse and the Olsen twins as Michelle! CinemaBlend expects a mid-2011 release. Joy.

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