New ‘A Perfect Getaway’ Poster

Oh, this is so cliché. A movie called A Perfect Getaway, about a group of young adults who go on a vacation and are stalked by crazy people, is coming to movie theaters this summer. This has been done time and time again! Turistas, Friday the 13th, Cabin Fever, The Hills Have Eyes, and need I go on? The movie stars Chris Hemsworth (most recently seen in Star Trek has the older version of Capt. Kirk), Milla Jovvich(Ultraviolet), Timothy Olyphant (Damages), Steve Zahn (Strange Wilderness), Marley Shelton (W.) and Kiele Sanchez (Lost). It's written and directed by David Twohy, who also worked on The Chronicles of Riddick and G.I Jane. The poster has just been released on today. It looks a lot like the poster of United 93; I know, it's nothing like the 9/11 biopic, but it does have the same feel. The blood splatters on the palm trees do make it look pretty eerie. I posted the trailer from YouTube and the poster from ShockTillYouDrop below. Enjoy, it opens August 14th.

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