‘Saw VIII’ Might Not Be Last ‘Saw’ Movie as Promised

I love the Saw movies. As I previously said, my friends and I love low-budget horror flicks. But Saw, was that sweet. I've loved all of them, and I was looking forward to seeing how Jigsaw's supposed cancer, apprentice sitch and numerous traps would play out in the eighth and promised final movie. Although Tobin Bell, who portrays the serial killer Jigsaw, said to Bloody Disgusting at E3 said the deal to end with number eight is still in line, however a sequel after that is possible.

"Final is a relative word. Especially in entertainment."

Hmm. The story is getting out of control (spoiler alert): Jigsaw allegedly faked his death (he was supposed to have died in Saw III), his new apprentice might be a detective who's working on the Jigsaw case (Saw IV) and the traps have gotten pretty lazy. The Saw movies can never stick with a director, either. James Wan was great directing the classic first (he's been a producer post-original) and I thought that Darren Lynn Bousman was the sure-fire go-to guy until the end. But he left in the fifth and David Hackl directed. Now Kevin Greutert, who's been an editor for all of the Saw movies, will film the new one.

Let's not make this another Friday the 13th, LionsGate. Fun while it lasted, but after God knows how many direct-to-DVD movies, it's gotten tiresome.

Saw VI will be sure to trap you in theaters October 29th. I'll be there and I'm 100% sure that you'll be as well. Okay, 99%. How many times have I used "Saw" in this post? Only 6. God, typing this it felt like 600.

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