Catherine Hardwicke Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone, Back for ‘Hamlet’

"To be or not to be, that is the question." If you don't get what that classic line means, don't worry I modernized it: "Make me a movie! A movie with teen sex and crying! Lots and lots of crying!"

Okay, maybe that's not what Shakespeare's classic quote exactly transfers to, but that's apparently what Overture Films reads it as. Catherine Hardewick, most known for directing Twilight is back to do Hamlet, a movie adaptation of the classic play. Whenever I hear "Hamlet" now, I think of Steve Coogan. Anyone?

Overture has said that this movie is Hamlet with a "twist". So Emile Hirsch will play the lead role and Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia, The Painted Veil) will write the screenplay.

My God, are they serious with this one? They've done Romeo + Juliet before, but that was according to Shakespeare's play. This movie will tell of a younger (more horny, I'm guessing) Hamlet as he handles the fact that his uncle killed is father and if revenge is an option. Dan Kinks and Bruce Cohen, producers for the Hardewick film, say that it will be a "suspense thriller" as well as a drama. They also said that it will be "exciting and accessible for an audience today".

People are talking that Kristen Stewart will play Ophelia. She was in In the Wild with Hirsch, so I could see that. As for this movie, I honestly cannot.

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