‘The Hangover’ Best Quotable Movie Since ‘Superbad’

The Hangover is a simple little movie. A bunch of guys hit Vegas for one last crazy night before their friend gets married away. It's only what occurs after the "what the hell happened last night?" stage: the morning after, that makes The Hangover so original, so unique. You do find yourself wondering why this hasn't been done before yet every guy at one point in their life has experienced the epic drunkenness stage that is the hangover. Adam McKay's done NASCAR, Judd Apatow did the middle-age virgin, Kevin Smith lazy gas station employees…and then there's Todd Phillips. Phillips has had probably only two hit movies in his career: Old School and Road Trip (which, by the way, are both planning sequels). Phillips could've hired his previous films' stars Will Ferrell and Seann William Scott and did a buddy movie (two dudes in Sin City trying to get laid! Gnarly!)

But this guy, this exceptionally funny director, decided to take the road less traveled and hire a few different stars: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha. Cooper being the only well-known cast member, the others you've probably seen before. Helms plays Andy on NBC's The Office, Bartha was in National Treasure-but wait, what about Galifianakis, the undeniably best part about The Hangover? A person has to be a die-hard comic fanatic to know who he is. The scruffy North Carolina native has appeared on Adult Swim's late-night Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! And Comedy Central's Reno 911! and The Sarah Silverman Program. He's also lent his voice to Tom Goes to the Mayor. But after The Hangover, his first real starring role in a feature-length movie, he's going on to do actual cinematic pieces. Why, just next month he'll be in Disney's G-Force and later this year Miguel Artera's highly-anticipated Youth in Revolt. The funny part about him, from the baby jokes to "offensive language", is the overall everyman style he's got to him. We haven't seen anything this relatable since Seth Rogen. Could he be (-gasp-) the next Seth Rogen??

Onto The Hangover. The movie starts off with Phil (Bradley Cooper) in the middle of the desert on the phone with Tracey (Sasha Barrese), telling her that his friends and him have lost the groom.

"We're getting married in five hours!" "Yeah…That's not gonna' happen."

From there it revisits the time before the party to every wacky, hilarious detail that comes with retracing their steps to finding the husband-to-be in a city where anything can happen. I can't complain with this one. The Hangover has to be the most quotable movie since Superbad; as it will surely be the hot topic at the water cooler. Cameos from Jeffrey Tambor, Mike Tyson, Heather Graham (we get some nipple action, but not in the way you're imagining) and The Daily Show's Rob Riggle only add to one of the funniest comedies I've seen so far this year.

John Lucas and Scott Moore's previous screenplays Four Christmases and Ghost of Girlfriends Past have nothing on this ultra-dirty one; it's in a whole 'nother category. Phillips is at his best since Road Trip; this movie is stupid funny! If you're looking for something to do this weekend, this movie will teach you: never go to Vegas. But see this movie!

"There's a tiger in the bathroom!" "What?...OH FUCK, there is a fucking tiger in there!"

4/5 stars.

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