Danny Boyle Going Back to India

Okay Danny, you had your time in the sun. Your Slumdog Millionare flick took home the Oscar last year for "Best Movie" and also won in 7 other categories. Now you want to go back to India to film again?
Danny Boyle says that he has recently purchased the film rights to a book that takes place in the Millionaire's home country called Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found. Boyle said that he used the book as a sort of a "bible" to making the Hindu film. The novel, by Suketu Mehta, an Indian native journalist, is about a person born in Mumbai and moves away and turns into an outsider. From gangsters to politicians, this guy meets 'em all in this 2004 novel. Wow, that sounded like a MovieFone recording.
Since Slumdog Millionare, the stars have gone on to be moe independent. A.K.A, no longer relying on Boyle to get them places. Dev Patel is currently filming M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender and Freida Pinto is going to be in a 2010 Woody Allen movie and rumored to star alongside Jeremy Piven in American Empire and be the next Bond girl.

Danny Boyle, who also directed the 2007 sci-fi/thriller Sunshine and horror 28 Days Later, is apparently in some legal hot water over this as well; some say that he only bought the film rights to Maximum City to not get sued from making a movie that similar to the book. Buddy, we love you and all, but India was simply a filming location. It's not your life. Get help!