Samuel Jackson’s ‘Nick Fury’ Movie Won’t Happen Anytime Soon

The Nick Fury movie was always a cool thing to think about, and it's been a long time coming for Samuel Jackson to get his own comic book franchise. Fury, if you don't know, had a cameo at the end of Iron Man and the buzz on his own movie has been, well, buzzing. However Jackson recently said in an interview with MTV that the rumor isn't coming true anytime soon. "We still haven't moved Nick Fury into the bad-ass zone. He's still just kind of a talker." Jackson, however, is involved in a few scenes in the upcoming Iron Man 2 with Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson. That's kind of a let-down; Jackson would have been a great leader of a comic book movie adaptation. Hopefully it will indeed be filmed, though, instead of just being another rumor.

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