Hilarious New Clip from ‘The Ugly Truth’

At first, The Ugly Truth, about how a love-deprived TV producer meets an edgy celebrity, looked less than unique. Another trashy, spur-of-the-moment romantic comedy that's sole purpose was to draw in teen girls. And who needs another one of those? But after doing some research on the movie, out July 24th, I now know that the director also did Legally Blonde (Robert Luketic) and the writers are Karen McCullah Lutz, Kirsten Smith (The House Bunny, Legally Blonde) and Nicole Eastman. I love all of those movies! Add the fact that it isn't PG-13 (it is in fact rated R), like every other typical rom-com and I'm in.

It looks funny as hell and in this new restricted clip, released by Columbia Pictures via Coming Soon, Katherine Heigl's vibrator goes off and…well, watch it for yourself. I'll probably be the only boy in that theater the weekend it's due, and from the looks of it, the others would be missing out!

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