Final ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Poster

Megan Fox is in a schoolgirl's outfit. Need I say more than that? But I will; the final poster for Diablo Cody's (although everyone seems to be focusing more on Fox, not the talented genius behind the movie) Jennifer's Body is out on Bloody-Disgusting. The poster is of Fox in high heels and a skirt leaning on a desk that looks to be full of dead bodies. And for some reason the chalkboard behind her says "Hell Yes!" The tagline is pretty dumb-"She's Evil…And Not Just High School Evil"-but the poster overall is a keeper. Before the movie's fall release, I'm betting that we'll see a lot more of Megan Fox's hot body. After all, she's the only reason that this movie will probably rake in a lot of dough and debut top dog opening weekend. And while I'm cool with that, just recognize Cody's work on this (and they do with the title on top of the one-sheet). Check it out below.

Jennifer's Body opens in theaters September 18th.