‘A Couple of Dicks’ Gets a Different Name

So Kevin Smith was at Comic-Con yesterday afternoon talking about District 9 and A Couple of Dicks. And at his panel, he said that the title for his February comedy Dicks would most likely be reconsidered. The decision is most likely because since it is a studio movie this time, they want to go for a mainstream audience. Dicks is now being related to Zach and Miri Make a Porno, his last controversial movie that came out last October, since that because of the title, the major networks like CBS and NBC couldn't show a preview of it before 9PM. I liked Zach and Miri no matter what anybody else says (including box office results, they're annoying) with the original title still intact. A Couple of Dicks will now be called A Couple of Cops, which was the movie's title for a day before renaming it back to Dicks. I know the movie is mainstream and all, though it sounds a bit too cliché. I hope that the movie is better than its name.

A Couple of Cops comes out February 26th, 2010.

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