Pretty Clever New ‘Saw VI’ Poster

The poster for Saw VI has been released at Comic-Con (the teaser trailer comes tomorrow). It is pretty clever, I'll give it that. Victims are chained around a bull's-eye that I'm guessing hints to killer Jigsaw's puppet. I am a major Saw fan, I know I don't sound like one, but I consider myself a big fan. I just don't want Saw VI to suck, I mean with a confirmed eighth movie after they only confirmed seven; I think the series is starting to get pretty old. Saw V was mildly well done; although one through four was fantastic. I love the poster, can't wait for the teaser trailer tomorrow (countdown clock on the official website, larger version of the poster there, too)! I love Comic-Con.

Saw VI is due in theaters October 23rd.

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