Billy Mays Biopic May Star Steve Carell and Owen Wilson

Last Sunday, infomercial and Pitchmen star Billy Mays passed away. Well, a movie about his life is already underway titled Billy Mays Here, obviously for his famous opening line when promoting a product. I was predicting a Michael Jackson movie (and there is one coming) considering how big he was, and Farrah Fawcett has already had a documentary on her battle with cancer. CinemaBlend is even guessing an Ed McMahon, the famous Tonight Show with Johnny Carson sidekick, movie. But Billy Mays? He wasn't talked about nearly as much as Jacko and Fawcett. Although Mays was just a normal guy selling random stuff to random people and it is pretty cool that he went as far as to having his own Discovery Channel TV show. And am I the only one who thought that he and Richard Karn of Home Improvement were the same person? Of course now I know different, I only thought that because a while ago I didn't even give his infomercials for stuff like OxiClean and the Mighty Putty a second thought. Mays even had newfound fame online, people spoofing his many commercials on sites like YouTube. His biopic isn't really out of the question, I just find it odd. The movie will be about Mays traveling across the country trying to sell his many devices until he's hired to benefit stuff like the OxiClean on the Home Shopping Network.

Speaking of odd, the Daily Stab says that when it comes to casting an actor to portray the salesman, Steve Carell's name comes up. There may even be ties to his Pitchmen show, with Owen Wilson playing co-host Anthony Sullivan in the biopic. I like Carell and Wilson in certain roles, but I'm just not seeing them in these ones unless it's turned into a comedy. I'd guess that the only reason Carell's name is being tossed around is because he grew a beard for his bomb Evan Almighty (check out a comparison picture of the comedian and Mays here) that looked a lot like Mays. I'll update you with any other news on the upcoming Billy Mays Here movie whenever it gets released.

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