Jackie Earle Haley Signed on for Two More ‘Nightmare’s

Jackie Earle Haley's last movie Watchmen bombed. Now he's hoping for his upcoming series Nightmare on Elm Street to have more luck than Zack Snyder's graphic novel adaptation. After finishing the current Nightmare that he's doing, which is out April 16th, Bloody Disgusting says that Haley is aboard for two more after that. My only question is how Wes Craven is feeling about all of this? He's not producing the movie like he did on previous remake The Last House on the Left. Is he pissed that Michael Bay is producing? We don't know, but the fact that there are two more Nightmare's planned is questionable. Friday the 13th, The Last House on the Left, and Halloween were fun, but I don't see them as franchises. Neither do I see this as one.

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