‘RANDY’ Movie Happening, Says Apatow

God-director Judd Apatow's Funny People comes out this Friday, July 31st, and in it you'll see Aziz Ansari's newly famous "Randy" character. And if you thought that that was the last you'd see of him, you are wrong my friend. Judd Apatow himself said that he and Ansari are making a feature-length RANDY movie, according to JoBlo. "Randy isn't in the movie anywhere near as much we wish he was. Something hilariously magical happened when Aziz showed up," said Apatow. "So we all said, 'What else can we do?' Let's just make a documentary! We just couldn't stop writing for him. And now we're talking about making the RANDY movie. We can't get enough of Randy..." He also added that "we're (Ansari and himself) outlining it right now." I'm guessing that it'll be a mockumentary, just like the series on Funny or Die, where the comedian character leaked. Ansari has been a riot since he was a writer on Human Giant. With Apatow behind the movie as well, if he does actually go through with this it should be awesome.

Check out "Randy" in Judd Apatow's third directorial film Funny People, in theaters Friday.

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