Vanessa Hudgens Leaves Disney with ‘Bandslam’-New Trailer and Pics

I thought that her career was done when she texted boy-toy Zac Efron some inappropriate pictures of herself. Well now she's back with the coming-of-age dramedy Bandslam. Does this just not scream "ABC Family TV movie" to you?

Obviously, Hudgens isn't venturing out to explore her "other" talents (if she has any) by doing the same kind of movie as what made her a star, High School Musical like Zac Efron. He left Disney and proved that he could make it in the topsy-turvy world of Hollywood without a cartoon mouse by his side. Last month's 17 Again debuted at #1 opening weekend with $23.7 million and worldwide has almost reached the coveted $100 million mark. Efron is also set to star in a Johnny Quest movie with Race to Witch Mountain star Dwayne Johnson and director Andy Fickman.

Anyway, back to Bandslam. It's about a battle of the bands; that's the easiest way to describe it. Director Todd Graff is pretty much a nobody. He only got special thanks in Wristcutters: A Love Story. Graff along with Josh Cagan (Undergrads) wrote the screenplay. Bandslam stars along with Hudgens Friends Monica Lisa Kudrow, who seems to only have a small part in this, as she did in January's Hotel for Dogs; also Alyson Michalka, another Disney star.

Check out the new trailer (released today) below along 11 new images from Bandslam clicking on the image to the right.

It's out August 14th. I really can't decide what to think of this movie yet!

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