‘Angels and Demons’ is #1…Meh?-Box Office Results: May 15-17

Angels and Demons got mediocre reviews from both fans and critics. But that didn't stop it from being #1 opening weekend at the box office! It rallied up an estimated $48 million. Disappointing, but…meh.

Previous chart-topper Star Trek fell 42% to $43 million. That's still awesome! Trek got great reviews from both fans and critics and it seems to be "prospering" rather well.

Coming in at third place is X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It fell 44% this weekend to an estimated $14.8 million. Looks like overall, Star Trek is destroying you, Wolverine.

Ghost of Girlfriends Past continues to fall even more this weekend. Its total was an estimated $6.9 million.

Obsessed's total was $4.5 million.

In other opening movie news, the Jennifer Aniston hot-topic Management made a mere $378,000.

The Brothers Bloom got $82,000.

Here are the estimated box office results from May 15th-17th as of Sunday-

  1. Angels and Demons…$48 million
  2. Star Trek…$43 million
  3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine…$14.8 million
  4. Ghost of Girlfriends Past…$6.9 million
  5. Obsessed…$4.5 million
  6. 17 Again…$3.4 million
  7. Monsters vs. Aliens…$3 million
  8. The Soloist…$2.4 million
  9. Next Day Air…$2.3 million
  10. Earth (2009)…$1.7 million

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