SNL Sketch “MacGruber” Movie?

Saturday Night Live movies were always funny…to some people…okay, to a certain few. But that few included me! When I saw Hot Rod and Baby Mama, I never forgot them to this day. There's also the classic Wayne's World and Wayne's World 2, which I've seen repeatedly on Comedy Central every weekend. The late-night weekend sketch comedy show has always been a huge success for NBC, maybe even one of their biggest.

In the "MacGruber" sketches, a parody of the show MacGyver, Will Forte plays the lead with his sidekick (usually whoever was hosting SNL that week) as they try to disarm a bomb with everyday household objects but MacGruber is soon distracted by his own personal thoughts.

Producer of Saturday Night Live (and not to mention the mega-hit Tina Fey comedy 30 Rock) Lorne Michaels said to The Hollywood Reporter about production of the movie:

"It would have to be in the summer because we are back in production in the fall…We're still in discussions."

Should it be made? Perhaps not. But as old as SNL is getting, it always seems to surprise us with something so shocking that it drags us back in (I'm referring to The Lonely Island, guys). So as to an entire 90-minute movie based off of 5-minute sketches…Nah. Although Kristen Wiig starred in the original sketches. Hmm…Now I'm thinking maybe.