Green-Band and Red-Band Trailer Out Now for ‘The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard’

Waiting for the next Adam McKay movie? So am I, and The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard, starring Entourage's Jeremy Piven, is neither directed nor written by him. However, Will Ferrell does produce.

The only reason I thought that The Goods was from Adam McKay was because in the trailer it says in bold white letters "From the guys who brought you Tallegada Nights and Step Brothers", a similar caption McKay used in Step Brothers and Talladega Nights trailers.

Piven is a used car salesman who gathers up other automotive dealers to turn the liquidator event into an explosive sequent. Also predicting that he sells drugs; in the trailer saying speech-like that he has "the goods" (hence the title).

It looks a lot like Observe and Report or Pineapple Express; a violent pack of junkies who go on a hilarious rampage. Did I also see Gary Cole and Ed Helms in the trailer as well? Epic.

So for all you people out there waiting for the next Adam McKay film, you'll have to wait for Worst Friends along with yours truly. Sadly, that movie so far away that there's not even a release date for it yet.

Check out the green-band trailer below and the red-band here. The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard hops onto the big screen August 14th.

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