‘Star Trek’ Reboot Amazing Story with Gorgeous Cinematography and Directing

"I'm giving her all she's got, Cap'n!"

The Star Trek TV series and movies were nothing short of classic. It has gained such a massive fan base, Star Wars feels threatened. But unlike the last Star Wars movie, Star Trek is pure quality. With Wars, there was a celeb-filled cast and a major director. With Trek, there was a risky crew and a questionable director. I've decided not to give away the plot in this review, so you can go completely oblivious like I did! But I will tell you that it follows the early days of Captain Kirk (Chris Pine, not half-bad) and Spock (Zachary Quinto, questionable, but delivers).

Director J.J Abrams (the mastermind behind shows like Lost and Alias and the hit movie Cloverfield) turns this nerdy sci-fi series into his own vision of a movie, making every scene more amazing than the last. It's just brilliant! The cinematography was amazing as well. Daniel Mindel brought what he did from Mission: Impossible III and Domino and kind of morphed (a little Trekkie humor) them together into one beautiful mess of a film. Combined, the directing and cinematography brought Gene Roddenberry's space fantasy to life in ways never before thought possible. This is definitely worth more than one watch.

Chris Pine relives the original William-Shatner-portrayed role as a younger, more sexually active version of James T. Kirk. Pine, most recently in Bottle Shock, was a pretty edgy choice for the role, a lot of other stars more than capable of playing Kirk. His role was an enjoyable one, though.

Revisiting Spock was Zachary Quinto (you recognize him from Heroes). He, again, was not the best at what he did (I'm not a fan of his NBC show either), however he does grow on you throughout the 2+ hours that Star Trek runs for. We get a little cameo from the original Vulcan Leonard Nimoyas well. I'll just say that he was "simply…amazing" to quote my tweet from post-movie.

There were some odd picks for the cast. John Cho from Harold and Kumar, Simon Pegg, Tyler Perry and Eric Bana were among the weird choices. Cho was an essential part of the plot, but I'm just not seeing why the character called for him. Pegg looked odd from the trailer; however he was hilarious in this! Way better than expected. Eric Bana was Nero (the alien-looking dude with the Mike Tyson face tattoo). Critics called him "bland" or "blah", just a regular bad guy, nothing spectacular. But I found him to be pretty decent, not saying he was Heath Ledger 'Joker' material. But Tyler Perry was the weirdest out of these four. When I first caught a glance of him, my immediate thoughts consisted of 'Tyler Perry? The only Perry worse than Matthew Perry?' and 'There's that guy who wrote that movie whose review I wrote is constantly scathed!'

This reboot of a classic "boldly goes" where no other Star Trek movie has gone before, attempting to be mainstream to appeal to a wider audience. I got to say, they indeed accomplished their goal. Even if you are a bit younger than the PG-13 age that you technically have to be to get into the theater, you should still check it out. There's non-stop action right from the get-go (a birth, explosions, lasers and a death all in the first five minutes!) that kids under the age will enjoy. The directing is gorgeous, same with the cinematography. The best flick I've seen so far this year. Here's to hoping that this sure-to-be new franchise is able to "live long and prosper."

5/5 stars.

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