A New Announced ‘Buffy’ Movie Missing an Essential

Dollhouse. Firefly. Angel. These are some of the hit television series that Joss Whedon has had throughout his career. But none of them can compare to Whedon's classic Buffy: The Vampire Slayer (although I hear Dollhouse is great!)

Today, a movie plan was announced. One so shocking it left everyone confused, mouth ajar: a new Buffy movie was in the works…excluding Joss Whedon. Um, hello? This dude frigging made
Buffy, they can't just make another movie without involving him! That's like holding the Superbowl and telling the Patriots' star quarterback to sit on the bench! Not right.

However, Whedon is not pissed at all (at least not publicly). In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly via email, when asked his opinion on the new Buffy movie, he simply said "I hope it's cool."

But Whedon has too much on his plate right now to worry about this anyway. The first season of Dollhouse just ended and he's currently filming the horror flick The Cabin in the Woods due out next year and the horror/thriller Goners due in theaters sometime in 2011 (the official release date has not yet been announced).

Stupid idea. Buffy without Joss Whedon. Why not remake E.T without Steven Spielberg? No! Wait; forget I said any…damn it!

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