Numero Uno Teaser for Pixar’s ‘Toy Story 3’ and 14 High-Res Pictures

About 3 weeks ago tomorrow, I saw Up. Before Up I was among the first people in the world to check out the first official Pixar teaser for Toy Story 3. I raved about it upon seeing it, and I'm still raving now that it's been officially released today, May 29th (the day Up officially opens in theaters, how 'bout that?).

I've always loved Pixar and DreamWorks (however March's Monsters vs. Aliens left me disappointed, same with Madagascar 2) movies, but my favorite among both of the studios had to be Toy Story. That was pure genius! A bunch of toys that come to life when people aren't looking. And we know that this hasn't borrowed the idea from anybody since it was released in 1995, long before similar Night at the Museum came in 2006. What else I loved about Toy Story was that it was directed by animation god John Lasseter and written by him, Andrew Stanton (writer/director, WALL∙E), Pete Docter (writer, WALL∙E, director, Up) and Joe Ranft (writer, Cars, A Bugs Life). Producing credits went to Steve Jobs. Tim Allen was Buzz Lightyear, Tom Hanks Woody…

The only problem I fear is the quality and general funniness of a third sequel. I was looking forward to Shrek the Third in 2007 and that bombed.

But on to this teaser! I love it! Woody and the rest of the gang attempt to create the threequel's logo only to be upstaged by Buzz. It's not much, but God does it get you pumped for next year's Pixar film after Up ends. In addition to the trailer, there are also 11 new stills from it. Guess what'll be my screensaver for the next year (well, year and 20 days)!

Enjoy the eye candy of a preview below and click on the picture on the right to view the other 10 of the bunch.

And you can bet I'll be following this movie up until its release June 18th, 2010!

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