A ‘Primeval’ Movie by Warner Bros??

You've heard of the Sci-Fi series Primeval…right?

Me neither.

Well apparently it's broadcasted in the U.S on BBC America and the Sci-Fi channel, and now Warner Bros. wants to make it into a major movie production.

In the Primeval show, both futuristic and prehistoric creatures come through wormhole time portals and a team headed by an evolutionary scientist tries to close the hole and to stop the beasts. The series has had 3 seasons to date.

"There is a solid mythology to the series, but the movie has the dinosaur element of Jurassic Park and the time travel element of Lost, and it just feels like the kind of big movie that Warner Bros. does well," said Kerry Foster, a producer of the upcoming flick.

The series premiere of Primeval aired today. However no official release date has been released for the movie yet.

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