‘Earth’ Disneynature Planning Two Sequels

You know me. I've wanted to see Disneynature's Earth for quite some time now, but decided to check out Star Trek instead the one weekend I had the chance to (don't get me wrong, Star Trek was INSANITY!) It came and left from my movie theater…

But if you have the same problem as me, fret no longer-they're planning two more movies after Earth.

Earth grossed over $80 million worldwide (although only $29 million reported in the U.S) as of yesterday, May 19th. Disneynature has hired the directors of the original, Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield, to do two more flicks. The titles are Chimpanzees and African Cats: Kingdom of Courage. The Hollywood Reporter said that African Cats is right now being filmed in Kenya and Chimpanzees have yet to start filming, but will be set in the Ivory Coast and Uganda. That one will be in theaters sometime in 2012.

However CinemaBlend.com, where I found this information, neglected to report on next year's movie by Disneynature-Oceans. But I have to scoop on that thanks to IMDb and WorstPreviews.com, I found more info and even a trailer (click here to watch). Oceans will be a part drama/part documentary about the quickly disappearing life in the sea. Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud take directing and writing credits. Oceans is set for an April 22nd, 2010 (Earth Day, once again) release.

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