‘Sherlock Holmes’ First Trailer Online-And It Is Epic. Period.

We've all been teased with the buzz about Guy Ritchie's (the writer/director of RockNRolla and Madonna's ex) Sherlock Holmes for long enough. Robert Downey Jr. is in it and we're already sold. But how about an official poster and trailer, Mr. Ritchie? Well…one out of two isn't bad.

Yes, I'm talking about the first trailer for Holmes. You can't tell much about the plot by it, but damn it all, does it look cool! To me, it has the same feel as David Fincher's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Christopher Nolan's The Prestige, only with more humor and Downey Jr. is shirtless. The plot is about Holmes and his sidekick Watson (Jude Law, looking like Robin to Batman) as they try to defeat a man who's plan is a threat to all of England.

Another star in here that I want to point out is Rachel McAdams. McAdams, most recently in the critically-acclaimed State of Play and the upcoming The Time-Traveler's Wife is Irene Adler, quoted as the "widely regarded…woman to outwit Holmes". Look at the trailer. She looks as hot as she did in Wedding Crashers! I mean, seriously, DAMN!

I honestly cannot wait any longer for Sherlock Holmes to come out! Damn you 20th Century Fox for teasing us with this awesome trailer!

Sherlock Holmes is due out Christmas Day. Check out the trailer below.

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