TWO New Posters for Jason Reitman’s ‘Up In The Air’!

If you follow Jason Reitman on Twitter, he speaks a lot of his movie Up In The Air, which he co-wrote (it’s based on a book by Walter Kirn), directed and produced. So far I've heard nothing of the movie except that it is on the list of films that will be at the Toronto Film Festival next month. No trailer is out yet, although that may come soon since two new posters (one from In Contention and one from Slash Film via Cinema Blend), one for the US and one for the UK, have premiered.

Up In The Air follows Ryan Bingham, a corporate downsizing know-it-all when his traveling lifestyle is threatened just when he almost has ten million frequent flier miles and has met the woman of his dreams. The plot doesn't tell exactly how his lifestyle is threatened, but it still sounds good. Judging from the posters, it looks to be a lot like Reitman's Thank You For Smoking, which I found to be surprisingly witty. George Clooney, Vera Farmiga (most recently in Orphan), Jason Bateman and Danny McBride all star. Reitman always picks a great cast and works his script around what the actors and actresses are good at (see Juno). Check out the posters below and tell me what you think!

Up In The Air has no official release date yet, however you can see it at the Toronto Film Festival in Canada in September.

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