Mila Kunis Speaks on Mysterious 'Black Swan' Lesbian Scene

Last time I mentioned the teased sex scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, I said that I really didn't mind the situation. The Wrestler, writer-director Darren Aronfosky's last flick, had pretty tasteful sex sequences. Still, people are buzzing over this. (Mostly 47-year-old perverts, but nevertheless people are buzzing. Mila Kunis recently said in an interview with Collider "Yes. I've heard about this from everybody. I mean, something got out." She also revealed that the script "got a recent rewrite last weekend." She did not confirm anything in the interview.

I'm ecstatic about Black Swan. The plot, about a ballerina develops a strange competitive feeling towards a dance who may or may not be real, sounds so good. Could an Oscar-nod be coming for Portman or Kunis? We have to wait and see.

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