Catherine Hardwicke to Direct ‘Riding Hood’ Movie

Catherine Hardwicke, the director most known for doing Twilight and The Nativity Story has been recruited to direct The Girl With The Red Riding Hood, according to Variety. The movie is a darker version of the classic fairytale, one that adds romance and a supposed "twist" ending. This is the movie that Leonardo DiCaprio and his studio recently announced that they would produce, with David Johnson (Orphan) writing the screenplay. Hardwicke is also set to direct the remake of Hamlet and the movie adaptation of James Patterson's Maximum Ride novel. (Both are currently in pre-production.)

Hardwicke was a mediocre director in Twilight, in my opinion. However I do think that Red Riding Hood is her type of movie. And hey, if DiCaprio is producing and Johnson is writing like they both did in Orphan, this should be pretty good! DiCaprio is turning dark, it seems; his upcoming Shutter Island and last month's Orphan perfect examples. Still, his strange career moves have brought a relatively good thriller. Martin Scorsese would have been a great choice to direct this, even DiCaprio himself! But I wouldn't call upon Hardwicke, since she does have two other big movies on her plate.

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