Hilarious First Trailer and Poster for ‘The Men Who Stare At Goats’

This may be fall's sleeper hit. The Men Who Stare At Goats sounds so deliciously absurd, whether it be the title or the plot of a journalist who meets a man who says he was part of the U.S Army's First Earth Battalion, a squad of people with supernatural powers. In the trailer the man, Lyn Cassady, calls himself a "jedi." The lead role is played by George Clooney, a rare A-list actor who still makes great movies. I've always loved Kevin Spacey before I even knew who he was. Whenever he makes a bad flick, there's always a follow-up that blows me away making me once again realize how much of a phenomenal actor he really is. The rest of the cast is filled by Ewan McGregor, J.K Simmons and Jeff Bridges. The new trailer is hilarious, to sum it up in one word. The ending especially is funny, when Boston's "More Than a Feeling" is suddenly blasted. Check out the poster and trailer below from Cinema Blend.

You too can stare at Goats November 6th.

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