‘Halloween’ to be Remade in 3D?

Rob Zombie, naturally, seems to be weaning off of the Halloween series to write and direct a remake of The Blob. But the Weinstein Company isn't done with John Carpenter's classic Michael Myers character, oh no. Dimension's Bob Weinstein told the LA Times that Zombie won't have any part in the upcoming remake of Halloween in 3D. Oh, and Halloween is being remade in 3D for a summer 2010 release. Slash Film is guessing that Alexandre Aja (High Tension) is in talks to direct it, but notes that Aja is also finishing up Piranha 3D for the same studio, Dimension, that is set to be released in April 2010, and that Aja to release two 3D horror flicks so close together for the same studio is highly unlikely. Nevertheless, Weinstein says that the new director has an experience in horror and will provide a "different take" on the Myers character.

Rob Zombie remaking Halloween was a risky move that turned out great, and I haven't seen his sequel for myself yet. But remaking Halloween for the second time in less than three years just so it can be in 3D? That's just like slapping both Zombie and Carpenter in the face for wanting generation Y to appreciate a classic series.

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