Judd Apatow Talks on ‘Anchorman’ Part Two

I like to believe that Heavy Weights was where Judd Apatow got his official start in the comedy business. The next landmark was The Cable Guy followed by Freaks and Geeks, however Anchorman was where Adam McKay and Will Ferrell along with Apatow were all launched to huge fame. They still may have been unknowns, but that movie started a chain of great flicks by the two that are now modern classics. Think about it: without Anchorman, there would never have been a 40-Year-Old Virgin, Forgetting Sarah Marshall or a Step Brothers. John C. Reilly would probably never have made another funny movie and critics wouldn't have a reason to forgive Steve Carell for Evan Almighty.So when the Anchorman sequel was announced, I was sort of bummed. McKay and Apatow don't do sequels; it's just their thing. Like, I couldn't even imagine a Knocked Up 2. Although if McKay directs and co-writes with Ferrell, it could be pretty good.

Empire Online basically held Judd Apatow to the floor until he talked about the sequel, and they eventually got something out of him. "They're making a movie now, Will and Adam." Since that's all he said, he's either keeping the movie under wraps or he's not producing a sequel, since he didn't mention his name along with "Will and Adam's." That could be a possibility since his list of movies he's signed onto is so high. But come on; Judd Apatow not produce the Anchorman sequel? That's like John Lasseter not direct the follow-up to Cars. If something can't be done right, why even do it at all?

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