Dakota Fanning May Be Dorothy in ‘Oz’ Remake

Folks, you know I hate remakes. So obviously I was less than thrilled to discover that Todd McFarlane is planning to do one of The Wizard of Oz (re-titled Oz, not to be confused with the HBO series) and has been since 2007, apparently. He claims to want to make it darker than the original. Is modern Hollywood going goth? With a Red Riding Hood gothic movie also coming, I fear what's next. I wouldn't be surprised if a Jack and Jill remake was in the cards. In addition, McFarlane says he doesn't really care about how good the movie is, anyway. According to Cinema Blend, he's too busy asking questions such as "How do we get people who went to 'Lord of the Rings' to embrace this?"

The Daily Express, a British tabloid, says that MacFarlane has a plot for Oz, one that requires a 15-year-old daughter of Dorothy, supposedly played by Dakota Fanning. This could be a good idea. I'm only concerned with McFarlane's part in it, which is a rather major one. He is only a producer-writer of video games, with little to no movie experience. And you know video games; they're full of blood, sex and shoot-em-up's. Dakota Fanning is a great actress; most recently in Coraline she was phenomenal. Although do we really even want a remake of The Wizard of Oz to begin with?

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