‘The Dark Knight’ Follow-Up Being Filmed Exclusively in IMAX

I've seen only two films in IMAX my entire life, both of them limited release documentaries. (Exciting, right?) I will probably see Avatar in IMAX 3D since that's pretty much the only way to see it. I heard that The Dark Knight on that big of a screen was breathtaking, and I kick myself for not having caught it for myself. I may get another chance to see the caped crusader in that view, according to AICN. Apparently the follow-up to Knight, which is still being highly teased by not having a title since Christopher Nolan remains focused on Inception, will be filmed exclusively in IMAX.

I don't believe that this is that great of an idea. What about the people who see it on a regular movie theater screen? It's no use for them that 'Batman 3' was taped only in IMAX. Limited showings of the movie in that version are a given, obviously. Not exclusively. Still, Chris Nolan is a genius who will no doubt make a tremendous sequel to The Dark Knight. I'm not denying that.

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