A ‘Hangover’ Rip-Off by Dan Fogelman and Peter Chelsom Happening

Who didn't see this coming? Todd Phillips' Old School and Road Trip were classics, and other movie studios wanted in on the craze. So they did their own crappy comedies, none of which I can even remember today. Here comes a comedy, ripping off Phillips' genius The Hangover called Last Vegas. It'll be about four guys in their 60s who go to Vegas for a bachelor party. And guess what? Peter Chelsom, the director of Hannah Montana: The Movie is also directing this of of Dan Fogelman's, who spawned the career-shredding Fred Claus for Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti, screenplay. Chelsom knows this is the same concept as The Hangover, but in his defense he told Variety: "These are four guys from Coney Island, who, when we meet them, think they are invincible. I think the film should attract four great stars in that age range."

An R-rated comedy for old people? Genius, Chelsom and Fogelman! Next you should remake the Hannah Montana movie and put Catherine O'Hara in the lead role! I don't expect this to have the same popularity as The Hangover did. Todd Phillips must be laughing his brilliant ass off.

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