‘Collector’ Packed With Gore and Suspense - Movie Review

When I heard about The Collector a few weeks before its release, I ignored it. "Hey, it's another stupid R-rated horror flick that teens go to only to make out at. How fun." I said. Until I looked into the movie a bit more, and saw that Marcus Dunstan directed it and co-wrote it with Patrick Melton. If you're a true hardcore horror fan, then you already know who these guys are; they wrote Saw IV, Saw V and the upcoming Saw VI and Saw VII in addition to the cult-fave Feast trilogy. Now I started thinking that this could be pretty good! And it was. The Collector is brilliant, in its own sick and twisted way. I was a fan of Orphan, which was released a week before Collector. I found Orphan to be highly suspenseful and good for a legit scare. Step aside, Esther, there's a new horror image in town, and his name is The Collector.

The Collector is about Arkin, an average Joe who, in a plea to settle his wife's debts, attempts to rob his boss's house. Little does he know that someone else is already inside. The plot is original and that's the majority of why I'm raving so positively about it. Unlike the Friday the 13th movie we were treated with in February, The Collector isn't just all blood and gore (there is, however, a lot of that stuffed into the 80-minute running time, mind you). It has story. Hollywood has been in a slump lately, looking to revive previous classics and novels on a high hope of raking in some cash. The Collector is highly underrated, but hey, with talking guinea pigs and giant robots around, who cares about some creepy guy who collects human bodies? I do, my friends, which is why I'm telling you to check this out now!

The Collector is packed with gore and suspense, although the only problem that I have with this movie is the fact that the reason behind why this "Collector" chose this family specifically to terrorize. And if Arkin could easily leave the house without the beast's knowing, then why didn't he send for help? Don't look for right and reason in a slasher-horror film. Just sit back and enjoy the crazy, shocking, and most importantly, scary ride.

4/5 stars.

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