Bland Trailer for ‘When in Rome’

Oh, Kristen Bell. Poor, innocent, confused Kristen Bell. You were first recognized as Veronica Mars on your three-year CW run and from there you made the rights moves: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Party Down and Fanboys. However, your story is a lot like Katherine Heigl and Elizabeth Banks'. Now you've finished Astro Boy and are currently filming Couple's Retreat (an obvious copy of Marshall) and You Again, a romantic comedy from the director of Race to Witch Mountain. Your latest project When in Rome has just debuted its trailer and my, how you've changed. See, you're just another Apatow blonde prodigy who, instead of taking advantages of the fact that, hello, you were in a Judd Apatow movie and become the next Leslie Mann or Emma Stone, trashes her résumé with trashy teen romantic comedies. Please come back to being Sarah Marshall again, Kristen Bell. That's where you belong.

When in Rome voyages into theaters January 29th, 2010.

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